Website Performance Monitoring

Easily monitor all of your websites uptime and security from a simple dashboard
Be notified when there's an issue and setup branded notifications for clients
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Your Most Important Responsibilities Covered

Ensuring your websites are up and safe for visitors is your #1 responsibility as a webmaster
Check Search Rankings
Site Uptime
You may be surprised to find out how often your sites go down - we'll check all your sites every 1 hour to see if they're up and accessible to new visitors
Check Website Backlinks
Malware Scanning
Website malware has been growing 100%+ yearly - often webmasters are unaware of infections - we scan all your sites daily
Check Competitors
Email Notifications
Get an immediate email notification as soon as we find an issue with your site - branded notifications available too
Check Website Traffic
Monitoring Reports
Get a bird's eye view of your site's uptime and health over time with charts in your dashboard and custom branded & scheduled PDF reports

Keep Your Websites Up

Website Uptime Monitoring made easy - with a few clicks see how your site performs over time
Website Uptime Monitoring Service
  • Hourly monitoring
  • Branded Email notifications
  • Monitor 100s of sites from 1 dashboard
  • Easily create custom PDF reports and schedule when they're sent to clients

Ensure Your Websites Are Always Safe

We'll check all your sites every day for any malware, injections or viruses and notify you
  • Keep your sites safe for all visitors
  • Prevent loss of sales, rankings and potential legal issues
  • Don't let hackers control your website and business
  • Ongoing monitoring, charts, notifications and custom reports
Website Virus Scanning
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