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Easily monitor all of your websites traffic and usage from a simple dashboard
Plus get insights into competitors website traffic and usage statistics
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Website Analytics Made Super Easy

Get a bird's eye view of your sites key traffic and usage patterns
Check Search Rankings
Google Analytics Feed
Find out what search phrases (also known as "keywords") your website is showing up for in Google and what position they're ranking at
Check Website Backlinks
Simple Dashboard
Find out how many backlinks you have pointing at your site, what authority your site has, and your top 50 links ranked by their quality
Check Competitors
Traffic Change Alerts
Find out who your top 10 competitor's are in Google search, those that also rank for similar keywords that your site ranks for
Check Website Traffic
Custom PDF Reports
Run advanced checks on your competitor's website and get insights into their traffic and demographic metrics plus a lot more

Keep A Close Eye On What Matters The Most

There's two drivers of every online business - traffic & conversions - watch them both closely
Web Analytics Tool
  • Easily connect your Google Analytics account for detailed traffic information
  • Ability to connect your client's Google Analytics accounts
  • Custom email alerts if your traffic suddenly drops or increases
  • Show real progress to your manager or clients
    in seconds with branded PDF reports

Competitive Intelligence In Seconds

Quickly see what any website's traffic, demographic, & usage pattern likely is
  • Detailed reports on any website in the world
  • Highly valuable data to learn what traffic sources your competitors are using
  • Find your most relevant and biggest competitors with a few clicks
  • Create custom branded PDF reports
Competitor Analysis Reports
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