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Keep a close eye on how your sites progress in search engines
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Find out what search phrases (also known as "keywords") your website is showing up for in Google and what position they're ranking at
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Find out how many backlinks you have pointing at your site, what authority your site has, and your top 50 links ranked by their quality
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Custom Reports
Find out who your top 10 competitor's are in Google search, those that also rank for similar keywords that your site ranks for
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Find New Keywords
Run advanced checks on your competitor's website and get insights into their traffic and demographic metrics plus a lot more

Global Accurate Rank Tracking

Find out exactly where your website ranks from any location in the world
Keyword Rank Tracking Tool
  • See how your site ranks in Google, Yahoo & Bing for both desktop and mobile searches
  • Monitor the performance of your rankings over time
  • Create custom branded PDF reports to share with your manager or clients
  • Super easy to setup in under a minute

Discover New Keywords Already Ranking

See what search phrases your website already shows up for in Google
  • Exact keyword plus ranking position shown
  • Find keywords ranking near page 1 for work
  • Find out what keywords bring the most traffic
  • Spy on your competitors rankings
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