Frequently Asked Questions

What Is WebsiteChecker?

WebsiteChecker is a simple tool for online marketers, agencies & developers to easily analyze, monitor and report on all critical performance metrics for websites you manage.

Who Uses WebsiteChecker?

Our web based application is designed to be used by anybody who wants to better understand and monitor their websites performance across a wide range of factors. We have plans for individual marketers who only want to analyze and monitor one website right up to a Enterprise plan for businesses who need to monitor 250 websites and of course we offer custom plans. For agencies who look after client sites, all premium accounts have white label features allowing you to brand all reports and notifications with your company logo and details.

What Makes WebsiteChecker Different From Other Web Analytics/SEO Tools?

We've boiled it down to 3 distinct advantages our tool has over the rest;

Simplicity & Speed - We all hate using complex tools that take hours and hours sometimes weeks to properly learn how to use. When designing WebsiteChecker we had tech novices in mind, we don't use any complicated jargon or require long paths of tasks to be completed to achieve results. We've made everything as simple as we can for analyzing and monitoring your websites. We've got world class infrastructure supporting our application to ensure the dashboard, all data and reports load lighting fast.

Comprehensive Data - Everything you should know about your websites in one neat place. No more logging into a dozen different tools and services to find data and reports about your website. We collate together things like your website uptime, site speed, security risks, SEO elements, usability, performance, backlinks, rankings, traffic, technologies and more into one dashboard.

Save Time & Money - In addition to having all your website analysis and reporting needs under one roof, you will also save your precious time and money by not requiring so many tools to look after your sites, our paid plans start from $19 per month and include all features of website reports, monitoring and notifications.

Is WebsiteChecker Free To Use?

Yes we have a 14 day free trial that allows you to test our Starter Plan with all features enabled. You can upgrade to a paid monthly plan anytime before your free trial expires.

Do I Have To Install Any Special Software Or Need Any Other Subscriptions?

Nope. WebsiteChecker runs completely in the cloud right from our web address. You can be up and running within a few minutes. You don't need any other special data connections or subscriptions, we source all the data for you and compile it neatly into one dashboard. We think we have the world's easiest web analytics software.

How Long Does It Take To Learn WebsiteChecker?

Depending on your experience with web tools you could learn the entire WebsiteChecker platform within minutes, but don't worry if you're new to all this, we've made our platform as simple as possible along with easy to follow tutorials to teach you everything you need to know quickly.