Let's make the web better..

What Inspires Us

We're passionate about helping everybody have a better understanding and effect on their websites. With so many elements of a website to analyze, optimize and monitor it can be overwhelming for a 1st time website owner or manager to maintain a healthy functioning website.

In addition, agencies that look after 100s of clients can become quickly drowned in work and keeping tabs throughout dozens of tools on lot's of clients, it often becomes quite a messy process to analyze, monitor and report on so many sites.

Our mission at WebsiteChecker, is to empower both website newbies and agency power users with 1 simple tool that allows anybody to easily and quickly analyze, monitor and report on their websites to get a birds eye view of how it's performing across the internet.

We're Digital Enthusiasts

Having been digital marketers running a online marketing agency ourselves we've used 100s of web tools to run our businesses for over 10 years, and in that time we have analyzed, optimized, monitored, reported and advised on 1000s of websites for our clients giving us a deep understanding and desire to create something simple that streamlines the entire process of watching a website and it's important elements.

It's this passion for internet marketing that runs through our blood and enables us to build a web tool that is well aligned to our users and delivers true value for everybody.