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With advanced checks you get some things in your report like..
Check Search Rankings
Search Ranking
Find out what search phrases (also known as "keywords") your website is showing up for in Google and what position they're ranking at
Check Website Backlinks
Find out how many backlinks you have pointing at your site, what authority your site has, and your top 50 links ranked by their quality
Check Competitors
Find out who your top 10 competitor's are in Google search, those that also rank for similar keywords that your site ranks for
Check Website Traffic
Traffic Insights
Run advanced checks on your competitor's website and get insights into their traffic and demographic metrics plus a lot more

Plus Monitor Everything On Your Websites

Get a bird's eye view of your website with comprehensive data made easy
Website Checker
  • See how your site performs over time
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  • Charts and custom PDF reports for easy visualization
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Get Notified If Anything Goes Wrong

We'll let you know if your site goes down, becomes slow, gets a virus or is un-optimized
Website Downtime
You may be surprised how often your site goes down without even knowing it. Be the first to know when it does go down to get it back up quickly
Website Speed
Having a slow site is proven to reduce sales and search engine rankings. Get alerted when your site slows down.
Website Virus
Your site may get hacked, and a virus or malware installed without you even knowing it causing many problems, get notified when it does.
Website Optimization
There's many elements required for a successful website and you'll be able to easily see all of them from a bird's eye view.
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  • Completely remove WebsiteChecker branding
  • Easily brand reports with your company logo
  • Brand email notifications from your email address
  • Automate and schedule reports for clients
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